Remembering and Forgetting: cultural memory across disciplines

A Change is Approaching, June Carey, 2002, University of Stirling Art Collection

A Change is Approaching, June Carey, 2002, University of Stirling Art Collection

Saturday 30th May 2015, 9am – 7pm, University of Stirling, Pathfoot Building

9am-10am – Registration (Pathfoot Crush Hall)

10am-10.10am – Opening Remarks from Dr Gemma Robinson, University of Stirling (Room D1)

10.10am-11.00amKeynote (Room D1)

Dr Anindya Raychaudhuri (University of St Andrews) Mobilising Memory: Nostalgia, Radical Commemoration and the South Asian Diaspora in Britain

11am-11.30am – Coffee Break (Crush Hall)

11.30am – 1pm – Parallel Sessions

Panel A: Literature and Art, Chair: Professor Kirstie Blair (Room D1)

Anne Fertig (University of Glasgow) – ‘A Song of Other Times’: Bardic Memory and Historical Tension within The Poems of Ossian

Aileen Lobban (University of Stirling) – The preservation of cultural memory using proverbial speech items in the works of Louise Bennett

Josh Dight (University of York) – Illustrating the Story of Trafalgar: The Place of Memory of Nelson’s Final Victory in Nineteenth Century Paintings from 1805-1905

Panel B: Cultural Memory and Trauma, Chair: Dr Anindya Raychaudhuri (Room D3)

Craig R. Lamont (University of Glasgow) – Remembering Slavery, Forgetting Glasgow

Steven Jefferson (University of London) – Schlesien to Śląsk: The Toponymic Re-inscription of a European Province

Amy King (University of Bristol) – Rome’s right-wing martyrs: iconography and topography of memory surrounding the Primavalle Arson

1pm-1.05pm – Karl Magee – An Introduction to the Archives (Room D1)

1.05pm – 2pm – Lunch (Crush Hall)

2pm-3.30pm – Parallel Sessions

Panel C: Remembering War, Chair: Jane Cessford (Room D1)

Lucy Hall (University of St Andrews) – Extreme (In)visibility: the Politics of Presence in London’s ‘Monument to the Women of World War II’

Jon Chappell (University of Bristol) – ‘Some Corner of a Chinese Field’: The Politics of Remembering Foreign Soldiers in Treaty Port China, 1865-1941

Johanna Laitila (University of St Andrews) – Amnesia and Awakening in Two 1940s Gainsborough Melodramas

Panel D: Storytelling, Chair: Dr Katie Halsey (Room D3)

Amber Shields (University of St Andrews) – The Memory in the Middle: Creating Space for the Intermediate Generation’s Memory in Albertina Carri’s Los Rubios

Kenneth Moffat (University of Strathclyde) – Justifying my experience as research: Crossing from engineering to social science, and borrowing from the humanities along the way

Miriam Owen (University of Stirling) – Iceland Noir – Shadows of Audience Memory. A visual ethnography of a contemporary literary event.

3.30pm-4pm – Coffee Break (Crush Hall)

4pm-5.30pm – Parallel Sessions

Panel E: Glasgow’s Landscapes, Chair: Stevie Marsden (Room D1)

Martin Conlon (University of Strathclyde) – In search of the last Giants: How memory and cultural identity can be embodied in post-industrial landscapes

Nicola Black (University of the West of Scotland) – Space and Subjectivity: A Documentary Study of Govanhill, Glasgow, as a reflection of Cultural Identity

Kirsty Strang (University of Glasgow) – The New and Old Gorbals: Spatial Narratives of Memory, Nostalgia and Amnesia

Panel F: Cultural Memory and the Personal, Chair: Paul Docherty (Room D3)

Louisa Preston (University of Stirling/University of St Andrews) – Digital Exploration in Memory Institutions: Creating Personalised Archives via The Art Hunter App

Stuart Lindsay (University of Stirling) – The Body Keeps the Score: Videogames as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Mauro di Lullo (University of Stirling) – Emmanuel Levinas on Historical Memory

5.30pm-7pm – Closing Remarks from Professor Kirstie Blair, University of Stirling, and Wine Reception (Crush Hall)

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